Testimonials from Customers 

I became aware of Karl's art when I saw a post and recommendation on social media which led me to his website.


Not one to do things by halves, I quickly contacted Karl about three projects I had in mind and within a few days had purchased and sent three garments to him.


The first concept was to have a black silhouette of a rock 'n' roll singer painted onto a white leather jacket. Karl quickly began his work and produced a perfect image for me after I'd sent him a picture of what I had in mind.


The second white jacket challenged Karls' talent in a different way. I asked him to paint a monochrome image of Bo Walton from a photograph that I'd taken. After some consultation between us, Karl painted a stunningly lifelike portrait of the singer that leaps from the jacket. It has impressed everyone that has seen it.


The third jacket was the most challenging as I asked Karl to create ' a dynamic stage scene' of Bo Walton and Red Alert by blending four individual photographs taken at two different venues. After a lot of consultation we came up with a composition that conveyed 'an explosive stage moment' and the atmosphere I desired. Again, Karl rose to the challenge and executed a magical image that is sure to wow all those that see it and know the band. The figures are a superb reflection of the photographs they were copied from.


I cannot speak highly enough about Karl and his work. He was helpful from the outset, listened to my ideas and assisted in developing my visions before interpreting them into paint on leather. He kept me informed of their progress at all times and even sent me photographs of the various stages so that I could see my dreams develop.


If you want a unique piece of artwork on leather from a talented artist, at a reasonable price, Karl is definitely your man!

Lloyd & Mandy Peatfield, Leeds

Testimonial written:    30 May 2020

Jackets painted:           May 2020

What can I say - a picture speaks a thousand words. 


The whole engagement journey with Karl, from initial emailed images of design, through a daily detailed update of progress, to timely and secure delivery of artwork was of the highest standard.


The quality of the art is difficult to convey from the photo, but believe me, it's good. It's extremely good!!


mfc from East Kent

Testimonial written:                        27 March 2020

Jacket painted:                                 March 2020   



Incredible, awesome, a wearable Masterpiece.

The whole Project from first meeting Karl, through the Design phases to receiving the final product was inclusive, informative and exceeded all my expectations....

Bespoke Art front and back of jacket for a massive Marilyn Manson fan 

Jacket modelled by Karl on a foggy Hereford morning.

Testimonial written:    10 December 2019

Jacket painted:             November 2019

Hey Karl!


In short, 


The absolute dogs bollocks 

And you can quote me on that ;)


Cannot thank you enough, will keep a card or three in my wallet to spread the word of your incredibly impeccable work 


Now I’ve just gotta come up for the idea for the next one haha! 

(London based customer)

Testimonial written:    21 October 2019

Jacket painted:             September/October 2019

No quoted words this time - actions sometimes speak louder than words. Here are a selection of some of the jackets which have been commissioned by the same customer - a London based designer.  He compiled/created the designs and layouts which I painted for him between December 2017 and May 2020

I have 3 further jackets in my studio ready to paint for him.

Hi Karl

I am very pleased with my jacket. Thank you for your attention to detail, I know that painting one person is hard enough but I gave you 5 to paint with Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps. I have found Gene's daughter Melody on Facebook and she loves it, what a compliment. I went to a Stray Cats gig in June in Manchester and everyone complimented me on it - I even saw the lad you painted Elvis and the Sun records logo on his jacket, and he said mine was the best one that he had seen. Some people even thought it was a photo transfer.

Thank you for your amazing talent.

Glyn Smith

Testimonial written:    6 August 2019

Jacket painted:             February 2019

My waistcoat has arrived safely today and thank you for your expertise in the artwork.  It brings back memories of many years ago when I used to wear something similar.  I would like to also say thanks for the real professional way you conduct your business and superb customer service given.

The Doc in Bristol

Testimonial written:   11 April 2019

Waistcoat painted:     March 2019

I'd been wanting my jacket painting for years but could never decide on a design.


Once my first book came out (a werewolf horror) it had to be something lycanthropic, and with a brief in mind I took to Google to find an artist specialising in leather jacket commissions. Karl's site was among the top results and a quick look through his impressive portfolio was all it took to persuade me to get in touch.


I got an email back that very night and throughout the entire process communication was always top notch. It took a while to find a design that fit what I was after but between us we found the perfect image for Karl to adapt and create the artwork I wanted, and once that was sorted I didn't have to wait long at all for my finished commission.


It made its first appearance at Edinburgh Horror Con where I was a guest author, and since then it's been turning heads wherever I've donned it either in a professional capacity as an author or just in a social setting. Having my url on there has brought a bit more traffic to my site as well.


Suffice to say I couldn't be happier with the end result.


The price was also very reasonable for the level of work Karl put into my commission and I will definitely be contacting him again if I find myself wanting a second jacket painting.


No complaints here, cheers Karl!


Nick Stead, author of the Hybrid series - nick-stead.co.uk  and  hybridseries.co.uk

Testimonial written 17 November 2018

Jacket painted April/May 2018

"I wanted something striking, unique and regal but with a retro twist to it to honour the founder, Kalai, of the House my late father belonged to, who established a settlement in a coastal region of Bangladesh.  After much thought, I came up with this design for my leather jacket.  However, I needed an artist who would not only transfer my design to the jacket but bring further life to it to really capture peoples attention whenever I ride my bike in that part of the world.  Karl did exactly that.  The exceptional quality of his work was clearly visible on my jacket, even at night where it glowed in the dark!  The responses I got from the locals whenever I rode by with that jacket on was a real jaw opener and went viral as a result.  Kalai was a kind of rock star of his time and although his name faded through time, I am sure he would be proud of the artwork that has allowed his name and his House to be remembered once again."


Testimonial written 08 October 2018

Jacket painted May 2018

I commissioned this work last year (2017) to be ready for remembrance day and to have it available for all the memorials this year to commemorate the 100 year anniversary.

Karl painstakingly worked away with my idea and kept me up to date with the progress and I still had the completed jacket in good time for the 11th of the 11th. On every occasion the jacket has been worn it has received nothing but the highest of compliments including tears from a veterans' family on one occasion.


My only regret is that I wear it and can't enjoy looking at the image and trying to understand his soul. It is a stunning piece of work.

Chris - Royal British Legion Scotland

Testimonial written 17 October 2018

Jacket painted October/November 2017

So it started when I saw a cool custom leather jacket and thought to myself "I should get something done that I like." but living in the Czech Republic and not speaking much of the language yet limited my options.  I did a quick search on the internet for people who custom paint leather jackets back home in the UK and I was blown away by the work that Karl produced for other customers and his attention to detail is astounding so I knew he was the man for the job.  


I contacted Karl and asked if he would be willing to do a commission and also ship it internationally to me here in CZ; I was delighted when the reply was that he would be more than happy to do so.  We went to work discussing the design and I provided him with my jacket.  Every step of the way he kept me updated with regular pictures of the work he had done each day and to see it coming together was fantastic.  At key stages I was consulted as to any modifications to the design and also he provided some artistic expertise to help me get the best out of the design - this included the distressing to the finished product to make sure that it was in-line with the aged look of the jacket.  For me this was key to making a fantastic jacket absolutely awesome! 

I wear it with pride and get a lot of comments, if I can say one thing it would be this; if you are looking to get a commissioned piece on a leather jacket and you are looking at contacting this man then stop hesitating.  Thanks, Karl, you did a fantastic job and I am very grateful.

Colin - from Prague

Testimonial written 10 October 2018

Jacket painted  May 2018

Buddy Holly Baldy Holly band painted leather jacket Artist Karl Carl Hereford

I first experienced Karl's amazing leather work, when, at one of my Rock n Roll shows, a good friend, turned up wearing a Biker leather, featuring the most amazing portrait of Bill Haley, I had ever seen, on the back. I actually thought it was a photo, as it was so clear and precise.


I instantly decided, I must have my very own jacket, for which I asked Karl to create a design of my particular favourite, Buddy Holly.


Using only a black and white photo, Karl managed to create the most amazing colour portrait. I immediately loved it. This jacket has proudly travelled the world with me, and never fails to turn heads, at every stop. Cannot rate this man highly enough.


Thanks you very much Karl. 

Jamie - lead singer of Baldy Holly band.

Testimonial written 6 August 2018

First Jacket Buddy Holly painted August 2015

Second Jacket Buddy, Big Bopper & Ritchie Valens Feb 2019

New Model Army leather jacket art Karl Carl fan art
New Model Army logo painted leather jacket

Hi Karl

My jacket has arrived and it is stunning! I am very very happy with it! Great work!!

Thank you very much. The whole process was a thoroughly enjoyable experience thanks to your excellent communication.

All the best!

Kind regards

MH from The Netherlands on 28 June 2018

(Accreditation - Original 'New Model Army' artwork by Joolz Denby)

Lest We Forget commemorative art on leather Karl Carl Hamilton-Cox Hereford UK Wales



Have received the jacket it is absolutely fantastic we are over the moon with it.  Your art work is amazing and we are so happy

J&L, Scotland

22 May 2018

Zombie art whisky painted on leather jacket Karl Carl Lee Essex

Hi Karl 


Got the jacket today and all I can say is WOW!!! 


That jacket is something else! The whole family love it as much as it do. 


Just like to say thank you for all the hard work you put into the jacket. I can see you put real time and effort into it because the detail is insane! 


I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends and family Karl. 


Many thanks 


Lee from Brentwood in Essex

Testimonial written 31 March 2018

Jacket painted March 2018