About Me

My name is Karl Hamilton-Cox and I am a full-time artist based in Hereford in England.  I specialise in painting fine art on leather whether it is for wall art, handbags, leather skirts/trousers or leather jacket art.

I am represented by galleries here in the UK for my wall art and exhibit regularly in Hereford, London, Bath, Reading, Windsor and Birmingham. I also take part in exhibitions and appropriate shows across the UK. 

Even when exhibiting at the most formal of art events I always have my own leather jacket with me - the Alien theme shown on my home page and also below. 

Jacket commissions can only be ordered direct from me - this helps keep the cost down for you as no third party involvement and therefore no additional commission fees!

Artist Karl snow leopard painting on leather
Exhibiting Art on Leather jackets wall art gallery

Artist Statement




I create portraiture art in a realistic style. My preference has always been for creating realistic work based on the adaptation of photographic images within my compositions.  My art takes time to create, it should be a journey from inspiration through the creation process to final completion.  I set high standards for my artwork and it must be just right.


Creating art is a process that is intensive, requiring a high degree of concentration and somehow meditative.  I have always preferred working on my own and being self-sufficient, even during my career in the Army as an Armourer, it was a solo occupation.


I see my approach to artwork as anything that makes a realistic representation of a person, wildlife subject or object that is the focal point of a composition.


I love drawing and creating detailed drawn or painted monochrome images that come naturally.  My painted artwork is evolving continuously as I experiment with light, tone, composition and colour based on a very limited palette.  The depth of colour I create is based on glazing many coloured paint layers, this takes time and concentration as I see the colour balance of a painting gradually emerge.


My style is illustrative but not a straight copy, I am very particular in what I do.  From an initial concept it can take weeks to find the right subject reference I am looking for.  When a project gels I work fast and intensively.

I like new challenges, trying new processes and using art in differing ways.  My use of leather as a material in my art is an example of a new approach that I have adapted and continually develop how best to master it.  The use of the right texture, colour and size of leather is as important as the subject and painting process itself as they all need to be  integrated; I aim for the leather when used in a painting not to be noticed at first!

If you have any queries please contact me
here or call me on (+44) 07775 782369.

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