Leather Jacket Artwork - Customer Commissions

Below are examples of some of the jackets I have painted over the years (all subject to copyright).  

Prices start at £140 (minimum order).  Portraits, detailed artwork and lettering attracts a higher rate - as that type of work takes longer to do. If you have some ideas but not a full design in mind, I can digitally put some compilations together for you with a cost guideline for the artwork.

Contact me for further info and for a no obligation quote.

All P&P costs are covered by the customer.

Karl:  07775 782369 call 9am - 9pm or text anytime

My own jacket


I love sci-fi and all the Alien movies so my compilation consisted of this theme.  It took me months to decide on what I should paint yet now it is done, it seems the most obvious choice.


It is much admired!  It looks as good today as the day I painted it.


Whilst I would not do the exact same image again, I would do something similar if anyone was interested in such a large full panel commission.

If you are interested in commissioning your own artwork on your own jacket or waistcoat, see the 'Commissions' page for details on how to start the ball rolling.


Or call Karl on 07775 782369 between 9am - 9pm also see www.artistkarl.com for further details.

Please note I cannot create artwork on suede leather jackets or faux leather jackets.