UNIQUE artwork painted on leather

Welcome to Karl's website which shows a good selection of his artwork handpainted on customers' own leather jackets.

Eddie Cochran handpainted Jacket

Karl takes commissions so please get in touch if you want to discuss your own piece of unique artwork.  He does not charge extra for commissioned work, the pricing structure is the same for all his art and is based on time, design and framing options (if it is art for the wall).  He can also paint on handbags, trousers, iPad cases etc as long as it is genuine leather.

Once you have finished having a look round here, Karl's other website has a good selection of his wall art currently available.

chuck Berry rock and roll portrait Artist Karl leather jacket art painting
cat silhouette painting on leather

We hope that you enjoy browsing around both websites and if you find any broken links please let us know.

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